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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Housekeeping Wars: The Confession

My husband and I have been together for over two decades.

We never lived together before we got married, but we had apartments next door to each other.

It should not have been shocking that I NEVER make my bed.

But every night, like clockwork, he makes the bed to military precision. He tucks in every corner. He fluffs and straightens the pillows.

Then I climb into bed, fold my pillow, yank the covers and sheets out of the corners, and burrito my body into the comforter.

He frowns.

You can see my usual response.

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We do agree on one or two aspects of housekeeping. For example, we both happen to be over-the-roll people.

Except one night, about a month ago, I was sick. I stumbled to the bathroom, and while there, had to replace the roll. I must have put it upside down.

The next morning, my beloved came storming out of the restroom, shouting, "ARE YOU PUNKING ME?"

I laughed so hard! He did not seem amused.

A couple of times, he told me that I didn't load the dishwasher correctly. I responded exactly as you might guess.

I no longer load the dishwasher.

For me, the housekeeping wars are not a big deal. They are more of a gentle sparring match, which ends with me not doing the dishes.

For him, I suspect, they are an oppressive nightmare that must be tolerated in order to live with me.

Maybe this attitude is why my roommates could never stand living with me for very long? 


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DonnaB said...

Love this post Giftie - it made me laugh out loud! My OH and I are the opposite - he never makes the bed and every night I make it neatly, only for him to get in and pull all the sheets out and get his pillows into the lumpy shape he prefers! We are both over-the-roll as well - luckily!

KariP said...

OMG, this is us. He can't stand that I'd rather do dishes than sit on the couch and watch some **bleepin** TV show with him. Then set his alarm for 3:00am, to do dishes and tidy the kitchen, making an awful racket, and grumble and "bleep" the whole time. I'm laughing quietly so as not to disturb the grumble-fest. Arghhh! We do agree on the "over the roll". A dispute there could be a relationship killer.

Havok said...

I know this feeling! Except I'm on the "Are you punking me" side of things! My Mister isn't the kind to clean, until his desk gets to be a disaster, and then he hums and haws over it and then two weeks later he takes care of it. I've only recently convinced him that the clothes hamper is for dirty clothes, and not the floor...or on top of the filing cabinet...or on top of the dresser...or in/on top of the dresser drawers that he leaves open. It's an uphill two feet of snow...both ways. ;)

Sammy Jankis said...

Tolerated? I'd say I have to endure it. And I'm wearing out. I'm not sure how much longer I can go.

The Kitchen Wife said...

Hahahaha, I love this. I am actually the neat freak in my home, and my husband was the slob, but one thing is for sure. In 15 years I have learned to choose my battles and not to sweat the smalls stuff.

Great post!

lisa said...

I lost the war long ago, but I used to clean my husband's apartment before we were married, so I fully knew what I was getting into. He has recently re-discovered WoW, which doesn't help the situation AT ALL!

Unknown said...

LOL! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Gee! I must have hit the jackpot when hubby and I got together. The "roll" issues was nothing. He can keep a house as well as I can. He can mend his own clothes. He can do an expert job of pressing a suit or uniform. He can cook! He can clean. I can also do these things. We have what we refer to as an "Mutual Admiration Relationship" an it has lasted nearly 48 years. Yes, I am going to keep him!

Dianne in the desert

Pams Party said...

I never make the bed, and love to burrito roll in the comforter too.. :) If I did make the bed, my family would wonder if everything is okay. LOL!

Unknown said...

I had to read this twice! And laughed and laughed!

I guess we dont have these 'wars'. Instead we have 6 kids and 7 cats....

They keep me so busy I never notice what he is or is not doing. I wonder if that's bad?

I do make my bed and would be quite put out if he or anyone else disturbs it before I do!

Karen Marie Kedzuch Dragonfly & Lily Pads said...

Very cute story in all our homes that happens one way or another. The comedy of life is worth laughing and living.
Karen Marie

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