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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why I Like My Priest

I attend Catholic Church. Sometimes it's difficult, because I disagree with certain church teachings (opposition to barrier method birth control, male-only priests, opposition to homosexuality, and voting anti-abortion...though I live and am pro-life, I don't think that's the government's call...come to mind readily).

But last week, Father Mike reminded the congregation to love the people that made them uncomfortable. He said, specifically, to love our gay brothers and sisters. (Aside - my friends who are homosexual do not make me uncomfortable. I assume Father Mike, if he could tailor his sermon just for me, would tell me to love racists and Republicans and parents who don't take care of their kids. But Father Mike was trying to give examples that make most of his congregation uncomfortable.) When he said to love your gay brothers and sisters, I saw people actively sqirm. But what I noted was what he didn't say. He didn't ask me to pray for their "sinful souls." He did not ask me to pray they would turn straight or become priests. No, he simply asked me to love them. That is what religion should be. My religion should not mean imposing my religious views on you or praying you change your mind. My religion should be about how I act and the choices I make everyday. Father Mike made that clear.

This week, he told us to vote. He did not tell us how to vote. I loved that.

And we sang a song in church.

Death, destruction, and despair.
People dying everywhere.
On your birthday.

Now that's a priest with a sense of humor! On All Soul's Day, I'll be praying for all souls. Not "evil" souls or "unsaved" souls or only souls of my loved ones, but ALL SOULS. I suspect that's what Father Michael does, too.



Frog said...

I hope you love me even though I'm a Republican!

Beorn said...

As a gay man, I always try to make people as comfortable as possible.

For instance, at the beginning of the semester when I told my students that I am gay, I made sure to mention that my untreated low testosterone level makes me more of a eunuch than anything else, when you really think about it. I think that this definitely eased the minds of those who returned for the second class period.

Giftie Etcetera said...

LOL, Beorn, I'm not sure that made anyone comfortable. :)Personally, I pictured an old Star Trek, Next Gen episode.

Do you know that I have (treated) high testosterone levels? Ironically enough, it reduces sex drive in women. It also causes facial hair growth and male pattern baldness, which is why I have it treated.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Frog - I wrote you a comment, but blogspot ate it.

Of course I still love you. But that's because I know you treat everyone with respect, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual preferences. Oh, and because you're cool. ;)

fred said...

Where the f*** did you find this priest?