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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

I just voted for a black President. And if my candidate loses, a woman will be Vice President. Wow. In 1980, I was 5 years old. I thought only white males would be President in my lifetime. It made me sad. Now, Ander and Loki will NEVER think that! That makes me happy. Hmm...my sons are both white males. It sort of makes your head spin, because of course I'd love to see one of them as President someday, but now they have more competition. Still, competition rocks!

The line next to ours looked about an hour long. The difference between the people in precinct 19A (mine) and 19B (theirs)? A-L last names and M-Z last names. We walked right up and voted. Sucked for them, and sucked for the older ladies working the polls who kept getting fussed at. It's not like they could change the precinct. Shrug.

Ander loves voting. He gets a sucker. Then he got his flu shot. He told the nurse, "my name is Ander. I will close my eyes and open my mouth." Because, you know, an open mouth is required for a flu shot. LOL. Then, he counted with the nurse, said, "that hurt," and asked where he could collect the promised sucker and sticker. :) My brave boy!


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