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Friday, November 21, 2008


My last post was about all the ways I am jealous of my husband. But here's a way I'm not: I am not jealous of his relationships with other women.

I adore his ex-girlfriends. One is one of my best friends. Another is one of the sweetest people I know.

I don't mind at all when he lunches with his work colleagues (and ex-colleagues) who are female. I've noticed that they often make a point to invite me along, which is cool. But I rarely go, but it's nice that I'm welcome. It means I never have to get jealous.

So when I got this e-mail while I was on-line today, I certainly wasn't jealous:

hi Kristy,

I know this is really weird, but is Alan home? Can you ask him where he is parked on Dark Pirates so I can take him out. Manoss got him once, lol. He'll know what that means,


But, boy, did I mock him! HA HA HA. His virtual "girlfriends" are always contacting me. Kristy, can Alan get on-line to check something? Kristy, does Alan have the link to that child development website? Kristy, can you ask Alan his Xbox call sign?

At least I know they all know about me, huh? LOL.


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