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Monday, November 3, 2008

Going To Work

I'm playing around on the computer this morning, but after I make breakfast, I plan to do a bit of office work, get dressed, pump :(, and go to juvenile court. Alan is staying home with the kids while I return to work. Sigh. I'll still be working from home a lot, since it just saves so much time (as commute time equals an hour a day and getting dressed and packing the kids equals another 45 minutes to an hour). But I have to do some work, so off I go.

I don't feel the dread that I read about of mommy leaving her little ones. I'm leaving them for 3 to 4 hours, with daddy. They will be fine and I'll mostly only be missing their naptime, when I wouldn't see them anyway. Also, I'm leaving them with daddy.

The dread is going to work, unprepared. I don't know the cases that are coming up today. I don't know where each case stands or what needs to be done. I'll be playing catch-up and it won't be fun. I love court and I love working with the juveniles, but I usually do not miss. I try to stay on top of everything. Now, I'm stuck trying to keep my head above water because I missed court two months in a row. Sigh. Maternity leave is too short, but too long at the same time.


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ShannonK said...

Hugs, my friend, you will do well