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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Extremists Piss Me Off

Brien Warning: Lactose Intolerant Readers Should Avoid This Post (And Chocolate Milk...just saying ;))

So my sister had her baby yesterday. She plans to nurse for about 11 or 12 weeks, if all works out. If pumping is easy enough, she might pump a bit longer than that. She certainly would supplement with formula in the meantime, if the baby was getting jaundice or had some problem (just as I did for 24 hours) and won't beat herself up if her milk doesn't come in or something, but she is definitely giving breastfeeding a good try. When she goes back to work at month three, she pretty much plans to go to formula.

The baby was born at 7 a.m. Thursday morning. Today, she still hadn't seen a lactation consultant at 9 a.m. When she asked why, as she had requested one, she was told that you don't get to see one for 24 hours. What?!? So you don't get one when you most don't know what to do? Nice.

A nurse fussed at her for not writing down the duration of nursing sessions correctly on the chart. Hello! My sister has been nursing every 2 and a half hours for 24 hours. She wrote down every session, with no one advising her on how to write it down, and silly Nursebitch complained about the language my brother in law used to describe the nursing. Nursebitch also complained about not being called in to help. Um, shouldn't you offer help? And check on the patient?

Did I mention that Nursebitch was the same nurse that I had my one bad mother/baby nurse experience with 8 weeks ago? Of course she was. Sigh.

Anyway, by the time Lactationwhore saw my sister, the baby had a good latch and suck/swallow/breathe down. My sister had some specific questions. For example, she wanted to know what kind of breastpump to get (for pumping after nursing sessions, in case she wants to bring an occasional bottle out in public) and how to gently wean at the end of the 12 weeks when she goes back to work.

Lactationwhore told her not to get a pump. Just keep nursing 24/7...there's no need to ever be away from the baby. Even if she wantsa to pump. Oh, and that she should just wean the week before going back to work. (Isn't that really quick to wean 8+ feeds a day?) Lactationwhore told my sister how small her boobs are and they they might not produce enough milk, and she shouldn't imagine she has double Ds. And she told her to not turn to family or friends for advice, ever. (Huh? That's where I got my best advice - from women who have been there and done that.)

Way to go. Now my sister is freaking that she will never sleep two hours in a row, because she can't pump after nursing to up production or make a bottle for eventually sleeping longer and that she might not make enough to satisfay baby for three hours.

Of course, her milk production may be low. Who knows? She's only had the baby 24 hours! Nobody knows.

Between Nursebitch and Lactationwhore, my sister doesn't know who to listen to or if she can be successful. That is a horrible way to treat a new mom.

Instead, they should have found out her goals, been supportive of them, and given her clear and realistic explanations of the risks and benefits of her choices so she could make a decision.


I was really mad. Can you tell?



Rachel said...

Oh, that's just charming. Nothing like smacking a woman around when she's at her most vulnerable.

Hmm...useful advice. Well, you could tell Jen I exclusively breastfed both my babies for six months, and my boobs are certainly no larger than hers. Because whatever crazy lactation lady says, size doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

REPORT THESE PEOPLE! They should NOT in any way shape or form be talking to new mothers. Or people in general.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I am also small, as in barly fit an A, and T did just fine.

Oh, and that wean in a week idea, can you say ouch!

She shouldn't need to pump to get her supply up, as all of us that have gone through it know, that milk arrives a all on it's own!

If she and the baby are doing that well after one day, with no help, then they're going to be just fine!

Stac Cole said...

Tell Jen to forget EVERYTHING those people said. Nevermind, I'll tell her myself :)

Oh, and obviously Lactationwhore (I hope I got her name right) does not comprehend how truly HELPFUL our family is. She will have more than enough advice...if she asks the right people.

Of course, Jen is gonna be feeding that baby mashed potatoes and birthday cake by week 1 anyway :)