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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh So Helpful

Every day, when Ander wakes up from his nap, he tries to open his door. I know, I know...by two and a half, he should readily open doors. At least, that's what his pediatrician indicated. When people meet Ander, they thinks he's ahead developmentally. He speaks really, really well. But if they saw him fight with a doorknob, they'd know that he's really uncoordinated.

So we are working on opening doors. "Ander, mommy is right outside your door. You hear me? Well, hello to you, too. Now, grab the door handle. Twist and pull. There you go; you opened the door all by yourself!"

Last night, we went to dinner with Beth Anne. Bad idea. The dinner and the company were wonderful. The contractions started immediately and lasted over a minute and were three to four minutes apart. We left early. Alan left his cell phone on the table and has to go back to town today to get it.

Then, when we got home, the kids had somehow managed to lock the bathroom door from the inside. I asked Alan why he thought it was a big deal as he struggled with the lock. "Lay down, Kristy, you are contracting. And you go to the bathroom 25 times a day [aside for my readers - I think he made a slight exxageration]. I don't want you walking all the way to our bedroom. Think of the baby."

He kept trying to pick the lock and I went lay down with Ander in his bed. "What is daddy doing?" "Well, Ander, he's trying to open the bathroom door."

Fifteen minutes later, with zero success, Alan finally came into Ander's room to tuck him in for the night.

"No luck?"

"Daddy, just twist and pull. Mommy will help you." How helpful, son.

We were tired and frustrated, but laughing so hard we cried. Thanks, Ander. That was really helpful.

(If you know our address and want to try your breaking and entering skills, there's still a locked bathroom to practice on. Twist and pull doesn't always work. But shhh, don't tell Ander.)



Frog said...

Mine have a little hole that you insert something straight into and then turn it and it unlocks.

Giftie Etcetera said...

We have that, too. And we have a special "key" to put in that hole. It is not working. :)

Brien Louque said...

Are the screws for the knob on the outside or inside? If you've tried the little screwdriver in the hole trick and that didn't work, just unscrewing the knob may be your best bet - it could be that something inside wore away. If you still can't get in by the time I'm passing through (this Wednesday), I'll come by and see what we can do.

Miss-buggy said...

use a ball point pen. Take the pen out of the casing and slip it into the hole, keeping it straight, and then push and turn at the same time.

That is what I have always done. Worked like a charm when I was younger and my brother would run and hide in the bathroom during hide and seek. I always found him. lol