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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Libraries and Quiet

We took my two year old to the library today, as we do about once a month. My sister (a school teacher) takes him sometimes, too, so he's pretty familiar with the library. On the way, I wanted to remind him of the rules. So I said, "Ander, you remember the rules at the library?" I meant things like listen to mommy and daddy, use an inside voice, and yellow light walking feet. (I'm a former school teacher, too, so I use tricks like yellow light.)

My sister must have taught him something else, because he said, "don't talk."

Hmm...okay, not bad for a two year old. Obviously, I don't want him running around disturbing others.

But why silence in a library? Really, why? Alan and I were discussing it. I study or work in coffee shops all the time with people talking around me. Barnes and Nobles is usually quite loud, yet calm and relaxing. Why do libraries (and in particular, the meanie librarians at the Gonzales library) require quiet? Also, if they are going to require quiet, why do they put obnoxious, loud computers that sing songs in the kids' area in the middle of the library?

On the plus side, he got to check out a really cool book about animals that he keeps "reading" to us.

And I got about 15 books.



missyc said...

I've always wondered the same thing.. Why silence in a library? Seems like they should have a reading room set off to the side, but that everywhere else you could talk and get recommendations, etc. etc...

Rachel said...

Most libraries are moving away from the "absolute silence" school of thought. Because yeah, it's not necessary.

And then there's Gonzales, apparently :-)

Danny said...

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