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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gross E-mails

To: Alan

Subject: Your Child

The good news: he slept until almost 8 a.m.!!!

The bad news: he announced, "I peed ALL OVER my bed," and he did. :(

Reply from Alan

Uhm, yeah, just need to fold the comforter back so it can dry. I knew I should have changed him this morning.

To: Alan

I already folded it back. I did not take off the sheets, though. I rearranged them so they can air dry. I maybe can through them in the wash, but just moving everything caused contractions, so we shall see.

Reply From Alan

Just let them air dry. He'll just pee on them again tomorrow.

{Kristy gags a little. She was better off not knowing how these things work.}



Stac Cole said...

Somebody needs nighttime diapers?

Brien Louque said...

Let Alan know I'm getting some newspaper sheets for Ander - then you can just throw them away.