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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Remember back when mamaebeth posted her eye swelling up. I'm such a copycat.

And my baby is copycatting off of his mommy...cause doesn't he look just like me? (Except for Daddy's frown, of course. ;))



Mamaebeth said...

no swelling for me, just grotesque pink eye. otherwise no one believed how bad it was...

until i saw the photos i would not have guessed it was so bad for you. is it a stye?

Stac Cole said...

Hmmm...the swelling of your lips seems to match the swelling of your eye! :) When is your due date again? Early October? I predicate an early delivery.

Frog said...

The picture of the baby looks just like Ander!!

Hope your eye gets better!!

pacatrue said...

Huh. Never predicted you would look like you apparently look. Anyway, fun to see blog people -- despite the swollen body parts.