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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


On July 4, my right eye swoll so large that I ended up going to the pharmacy. (The emergency room in Leesville is NOT an option when I am pregnant. I do not trust them.) The pharmacist could do nothing, because I am pregnant, but suggested that I call my OB if it get worse. However, it only got better and, by Monday, the problem had gone away.

Yesterday, both eyes started to swell. My OB gave me drops and is sending me to an eye doctor. Today, I can barely see to type this. I really have to go to work, but I may have to work at home a bit so I can start seeing before I drive. :(



Brien Louque said...

Um, yeah, vision is definitely something you want to have before driving. What did the doc say was causing all the swelling? Could it be allergies?

Frog said...

That doesn't sound good!! Good luck!

Lacey Tackett said...

Sorry, hope you feel better!

Miss-buggy said...

oh wow. How freaky. I hope you are ok.