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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the Gifties and Those Who Love Gifties

It's been requested that I publish the following post from LSMSA and ask all of you to "save the date"! Road trip, maybe? ;)

Our inaugural social/service weekend was such a success that we are eagerly planning for next year. Save the date of July 17-19, 2009. Our next event will be open to alumni bringing their children. Children aged 13 and older will be included in age-appropriate tasks. Younger children will enjoy parental co-op babysitting. We are hoping to have a cooking team, a babysitting team, an outdoor tasks team, and three teams to split the interior projects of cleaning, minor repairs, and painting. Please contact LSMSAAA Natchitoches liaison Catherine Credeur (’89) at if you would like to head a team. All alumni are encouraged to plan to participate. More details will be coming in the spring.

Social/service is meant to be a blend of alumni from all classes and our families. It is a particularly good opportunity for the gifties who are in still in school or who contribute meaningfully through non-profit sector jobs. (In other words, the perpetually broke gifties who still love our school and want to give something back. No fat checkbooks required to come to participate in social/service weekend.) For the alums hoping to start a giftie legacy with your kids, this is a great opportunity to expose your future gifties to the "living/learning environment".

I think everyone who participated in the 2008 event (14 alums + 1 husband, spanning classes 1986-2004) will say we had a great time together. We accomplished a lot to improve the appearance and cleanliness of Caddo. We also had a great time sharing our giftie bond over Dixon's jambalaya pot.

I would like to start organizing our team leaders ASAP. If you want to volunteer as a team member, the official sign-up will begin in the spring. In the meantime, save the date; gather your suite/hall mates/BFF and local lunch bunch members; and get ready.

-quoted from a fellow alum


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