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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Sick

I really thought/hoped/prayed/wished/sacrificed-innocent-little-animals that I would skip out on Alan's cold. After all, he is really sick and downing Nyquil. I can down, well, Tylenol. He has no appetite. I must eat every three hours...and gross stuff, at that. Ander needs childcare and we are useless. (Fortunately, he's pretty self-sufficient. He's sitting in his booster seat, watching tv, and feeding himself yogurt. But NOT the "baby kind." Because, HOLY MOSES, he (shouted really loud) "WILL NOT EAT THE BABY KIND!" Ugh. Sigh. And can I go back to bed?

Last night, I started with a stuffy nose. A bit of sneezing. A mild cough.

Today, sore throat and crusty eyes.

And I'm having coffee with Doris tonight! Being sick is not an option.


1 comment:

elle said...

Oh! I wish I would've gotten here in time to ask you to tell Doris "hi."