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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Comedy of Errors

Seriously, can't I get my life together?

At the doctor's office today, I was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The really bad news is that I have uncontrolled fasting blood sugars. Diet can help blood sugars, but not really fasting blood sugars. At some point in my pregnancy, I might need insulin. I also got a treat - some unexpected blood work. :( The good news is that I realized just how good the "expert" blood-drawer is compared to hubby when he gives shots. Oh, and my weight gain and blood pressure weren't bad, either. Of course, the baby is doing fine. And no worries about my right eye THAT IS SWOLLEN SHUT. Sigh. I got drops for that.

It took three pharmacies to get the eye drops. And the special pharmarcy that makes my shot medicine now expects to have a refill of it by Thursday. Sigh.

My sister and I went to Ninfa's for lunch. Despite a huge open sign, they are closed until 3 p.m. for construction. Luckily, my sister knew all the guys on the construction team, so they were able to tell us. So we went elsewhere, and ate unhealthy and way too costly, because my sister was running late by then for work and we had to stop where we could.

During lunch, I spilled meat pie all over my and my sister's legs and spilled my diet Sprite all over the table and her cell phone. She says I cannot blame my clumsiness on pregnancy...but dammit, it is because I'm pregnant. I'm not normally like that.



Frog said...

Oh, my... What will they do for the diabetes right now??

Stac Cole said...

I'm going to have to agree with sis...clumsy may not be the word to describe it (I'm the definition of clumsy so I would know), but uncoordinated may sum it up better :)

pacatrue said...

You're really living the life right now!

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, pregnancy is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.