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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeling Frustrated

I've done more housework lately than I have in years. Part of it is that Alan is always working. Part of it is that I am really working on teaching Ander to clean up after himself. And part of it is that I'm tired of living without knowing where things are.

Through all this, my back hurts and I am pregnant and uncomfortable.

So imagine my anger, surprise, and rage when someone (cough...*my husband*...cough cough) claimed he does "everything" around the house. He works hard. I will not deny that AT ALL. But not everything. Not even close.

I am sorely tempted to stop doing all the stuff I am doing (except for those things critical to Ander's existence, but I could keep a log of those things), and teach him what EVERYTHING really means.




Giftie Etcetera said...

And, lest you suspect that my kid doesn't know how much I've been cleaning, as he eats his SECOND breakfast (omg, oatmeal, oj, milk, AND cereal, the piggy hog), he says, "get the vacuum, mommy."

Frog said...

I do much more than B does but I guess I'm use to it. He does usually cook dinner every night and clean the kitchen. Occasionally he'll wash clothes. I guess I just spoiled him. My own fault!!

Beorn said...

"get the vacuum, mommy"...LOL, I love kids!