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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Little Too Perceptive

I walked into the kitchen this morning and turned on the news. I started to turn on my computer, when I heard a quiet little, "Good monring, mommy."

"Oh, hi Ander. Mommy didn't see you. Did daddy get you out of bed already?"

"Out my crib. I not want in my crib. I wake up."

"Well, Mommy has a secret. Soon, not yet but soon, you'll get the sleep in the big boy bed."

"Ander big boy bed?" Pauses (I swear it was for effect.) "Baby in crib?"

Now, how the heck did he know the baby would get the crib? We are carefully planning to move him in early July (as soon as Alan's crazy overtime ends) so he won't relate his new bed to losing the crib to the baby. Darnit.


1 comment:

Frog said...

My... he's pretty smart!