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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Little Bit At A Time

I've been working on the mess in my house and my car, just a tiny bit at a time. Mostly, I've been focusing on putting stuff back where it belongs and, when I'm moving from one room to another, bringing one item with me to its home. The house is getting much closer to organized, just by doing these two things.

I've also rearranged my "launchpad." I have an area in my coat closet that has two shelves. The bottom shelf is for stuff leaving the house eventually, like the pictures Brien asked me to transport to Phillip that I haven't taken care of yet. Next time I go to see Phillip, I'll grab the pictures (in theory). The top shelf is for things that go with me the next time I leave the house (like my laptop case and purse). But I added another layer. I'm using a shoe sorter, hanging in the same closet, to have a little storage space for each upcoming day of the week. My watch, rings, and glasses are in the Tuesday space at this moment. On Thursday, I have to do my blood sugars, so my finger prick package (sounds fun, doesn't it?) is in the Thursday spot. On Friday, I have to bring my meds and shots to my doctor, so those things are in the Friday space. It's like a tickler file for physical stuff. My anal side likes it.



Stac Cole said...

I need one of those in my refrigerator. That would make it so much easier throwing everything into a crockpot in the morning....

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking about you and all of your tests! I'm so glad things are looking good and congrats on another boy!!!