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Friday, May 16, 2008

How Do Other People...

...possibly have time to be pregnant? I had court from 9 until 10. Then I had to return books on pregnancy to the library, pick up maternity clothes from the tailor, pick up my urine from my frig (gross, don't eat at my house ;)), return said urine to the lab in Baton Rouge, get my blood drawn (what a fun, and unexpected, experience...meaning I've suffered through six blood draws/shots/finger pricks this week), and go to THREE pharmacies to find one that could give me something even close to the shots I have been prescribed. In between, I had two half hour phone calls to deal with pressing client issues.

I must give props (again...I seemed pleased with these guys time after time) to the Target pharmacy on Seigen for excellent service and some good advice about where I should allow Alan to stick me on my bum (sounds naughty, but it's not :( ) when he gives me shots.

And I take away props from the driver of the huge truck with the bumper sticker that said, "watch for motorcycles." My mom and dad ride a motorbike, so I'm all about motorcycle safety (as are they, with their daytime only, good weather, speed limit obeying, helmet wearing selves). But how about, Mr. Big Truck, you also watch out for pregnant women driving little Hyundais. Huh, Mr. Big Truck, with your sticker that you clearly ignore?


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Brien Louque said...

Maybe if you gave him a bumper sticker that said that, he would be more cognizant of pregnant women driving Hyundais. I know I base all of my knowledge off of bumper stickers, which is why I'm going to make one and put it on my bumper - "I yield to no Corolla". It's educational!