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Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Loyal Readers

It's time I get to know who you are. Your likes. Your dislikes. What makes you sad, angry, happy, high.

So post a comment. You can tell us something fairly anonymous about yourself (like how unsmelly your socks are) or something more informative (3 kids, a dog, and liking long walks in the mall). Whatever. I just need insight.



Mamaebeth said...

we met 6 years ago? i think? at Game night or maybe the halloween party... i don't remember really talking to you till some days later at misty's house

right now, my shoes (fake crocs) smell so bad, that i am actually worried they make you vomit when i see you. i already washed them in the bathroom once today. i plan to throw them in the washing machine later tonight.

elle said...

We met almost 18 years ago (OMG!!) at LSMSA.


Mama to one boy.

A historian of the 20th century U.S./black women/the South/labor.

Pretty far left on the political continuum.

Beorn said...


Dave. Very INFP.

Working dissertation title: Presence in the Past: Digital D-Day Memorial Performance though only because my adviser didn't like my first two submissions, Cute Title: A Boring Dissertation and Academic Clich├ęs: This Title Is One

Miss-buggy said...

we "met" 2, maybe three years ago.
I am a stay at home mom to one little boy.
There is a bit that makes me angry but let's not get into that. It makes me really sad when Cooper is sick and there is nothing I can do about it. My life makes me happy.
I used to own a cat but she is gone now due to allergies and asthma. I love to go on hikes and camp. Outdoor things are good. Not sure what else to tell you. Just ask away

Anonymous said...

"Met" you through PW Oct 08 board. I'm Mama to a toddler and knocked up with "The Sequel". I'm involved with my children's father although I don't think we'll ever formally get married. I'm happy when I'm outside with my family. I need challenge. I'm sad when my kid is sick. I'm insecure and I hate it. I'm a techie-nerd.

Derwinicus said...

We met on the April 06 PW message board and I always love reading your posts because they either make me laugh or make me think.

So, what can I tell you that you don't already know? I was born the same year as you, though you're a January girl and I'm an October one. I love all kinds of sweets, especially homemade baking. But I don't care so much about pies; I could take them or leave them.

I'm a SAHM and I love it. I used to teach middle and high school French, language arts and social studies but I got burnt out so being at home taking care of my family is a welcome change. I am still involved in education, though, as I tutor five times a week and I am really enjoying that.

Mathochist said...

I am another of your "giftie" friends. (18 years? Please!!! Oh, wait. It's true!) We have a quite a few things in common and yet are opposites in many, many ways. Especially child-rearing choices.

I expect I am the most conservative/traditional of all your readers.

When I lived closer, I used to love to watch you shock and annoy our mutual friends with the blatantly honest, probably better-left-unsaid stuff that came out of your mouth at group gatherings. ;) And I am glad you convinced me to start a blog, even if hardly anyone ever reads it. (Well, the grandmas do, and they're who it's mostly for, anwyay.)

Anonymous said...

I'm the husband to mathochist, and certainly more right (leaning, that is) than she is. I'm only conservative because I've studied history, and have determined that if liberals ever truely get in power, this country will become more conservative than anyone wants. But certainly I'd love to live in the kind of commune that the Smurfs had (now that was PURE, lovely, wonderful communism, not the perversion of Mao, Stalin, or Che), or at least something more akin to the commune of Prudhomme. This real-world stuff blows chunky peanutbutter.
I stopped reading your blog for a while after Dr. Cole updated his web page, and removed the links. I had never favoritized (a web term) your blog, because I never needed to. Now Mathochist links to you, so I still don't need to. But I still read whenever I get a chance.
I enjoy reading about local gossip (both personal and political), because your views so differ from mine it makes me think of Beorn. Speaking of white supremacist look-a-likes (poser?), whatever happened with the Jena-Six? They dropped off the newsworthy status.
And because it's fresh on my mind, just let me say that any student of Southern history should consider the Fifth of May with the same bitter hatred that subjects of the queen consider the Fourth of July. Both destroyed a country, in similar ways. Though the latter has turned out okay, and the former did not.
Stay safe. We're praying for the four of you.

Lacey Tackett said...

I met you on PW 06. I have 3 kids and am done with getting preggers. I am in college online now and loving it. I have 4 dogs and almost bought a chihuahua last weekend. I am a SAHM and am kinda getting bored with it and kinda want a job.