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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The People In PJ's Coffeeshop

The same people show up in this Laplace coffeeshop almost everyday. I thought, maybe, they just come on Thursdays, because my meetings in Laplace are usually on Thursday, so I come here to get a spot of work done. But, no, I'm here on a Tuesday, and there they are.

There's the cop who writes his reports in the corner, sitting at the smallest table in the place. He's very dedicated. He never pauses from his work for a second. He also checks the handicapped spaces on his way out. If someone is parked in one, he comes in to either 1) ticket them and make them move, or 2) in the case of the little old men who always forget to put up their handicap tag, hang the tag for them. He drinks his coffee black.

Of course, there are the little old men. They chat, loudly, from about 10 a.m. until right after lunch. Basically, they talk about nothing. But they talk MORE than most little old ladies I know. :) They drink cafe au lait, with skim milk. Then they complain abou the skim milk.

There's usually one person who doesn't fit the usual mold. Today, it's an older gentleman, booking his plane ride from New Orleans to some island. He's using his cell phone and laptop, and negotiating hard. He's having a Diet Coke. It's weird, since the place doesn't seem to sell Diet Coke.

The day is never complete without the salesperson. This time, it's a man who negotiates buying supplies for a contractor...nails and such, but in bulk or specialty items. He keeps calling his office and clients. He has one of those ears things that makes him look like he's not on the phone, only he's talking. So I keep catching his eye over his laptop, because I keep think he's talking to me. Awkward. A bottled water and a large coffee, with lots of cream and sugar.

And then there's gaming girl. She sits on her laptop, all day. She plays some on-line fantasy game. It's like she doesn't have a life. No responsibilities...just a laptop and a three dollar cup of coffee. her order varies.

Sometimes, the local Catholic schoolgirls (and the occasional guy) come in at lunchtime to study for exams. Always in a group, always sitting on the sofas, and always drinking something cold and sweet, no shot.

Then there's me. Except for an occasional blogging break, I'm on my cell with a client's mom and with the judge's office. I'm logging mileage and drafting pleadings and writing letters and reviewing evidence. Small granita...the only caffiene I drink now that I'm preggie.



Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I want to be gaming girl . . . but a guy.

Stac Cole said...

Boy am I sure glad Sammy added that last part! And I love people watching.