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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Castrating Sex Offenders

Sigh. The Louisiana Legislature is considering this. I know they mean well. They hate sex offenders. Well, so do I. But the legislature is making a mistake. A huge one.

The reality of what is happening in the court system is that sex offenders are getting convicted of less serious crimes, because the punishments are already so harsh that judge's just cannot see how they fit the crime. By making the mandatory punishments even harsher, the legislature is inadvertantly making it less likely that a sex offender will get convicted of what he (and usually, it is a he) actually did.

I don't mind AVAILABLE harsher punishments. It's the mandatory harsher punishments that are resulting, if you look at reality, in sex offenders on the street.

Oh, and castrating has NOT been shown to decrease sex offenses. Do you know what does decrease the chance of reoffending? Keeping a sex offender locked up. Do you know what increases the chances of having a sex offender locked up? Permissive sentencing, not mandatory sentencing, which only encourages pleading to a less serious charge.

Just my two cents.



Anonymous said...

And Castration doesn't stop the sex drive unless it's done BEFORE puberty.

Just saying...

Miss-buggy said...

I HATE sex offenders but to be honest not so sure castrating would be the way to go. What if they become more violent and angry and use other things. If they are going to offend sexually they will still find a way to fill that (sick) "desire" they have. I don't know.......