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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Never Go To Work

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment. Because those appointments are unpredictable (as the doctor often ends up leaving to deliver babies and they just ask you to come back later in the day), I planned to work in Baton Rouge.

So I had my appointment, and sure enough, it was time for lunch by the time I got out of the 9 a.m. appointment. I had lunch with my sister, and then went to Highland Coffees to work. I got some work done, but not as much as I planned to, in part because I had lots of follow-up calls to do from my doctor's appointment (call another doc as a specialist and call the insurance, a 30 minute call once you get through the "Press 1 to shot your head off" routine) and in part because I am too stupid to log onto their wi fi and it took me a long time to figure it out. I depend on e-mail to send projects to the office and the internet to do legal research, so it's important to have access. (Have I mentioned that the Gonzales Starbucks does NOT have wi fi. Freaks that make me angry.)

Then, I still had a hour long commute to pick Ander up from childcare. So I got a lot less done than I planned.

At least, today, ONCE I DROP THE CAR OFF AT THE REPAIR PLACE AND WALK BACK HOME WITH A TWO YEAR OLD (I'm great, very calm...thanks for asking)...I should finally get some work done. So much for getting ahead on Monday. Sigh.



Stac Cole said...

Ummmm, why didn't you just get out the house with Alan and let him follow you to drop the car off and then bring y'all back home. Unless he left ridiculously early for work in which case YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME ('cause I'm usually late anyway). There is absolutely ZERO reason you should be walking along that road with Ander!!!

Giftie Etcetera said...

We didn't go in the road. We just cut straight through the yards. We only had about 2 yards where we were anywhere near the street, and then we waited until there was no traffic.

But yes, Alan had to go in really early.

And it was a nice walk. Well, if I wasn't pregnant, which made a quick walk (less than five minutes) a real workout :/, it would have been easy.

Stac Cole said...

Ok, that makes more sense then! I know it's close to your house but I didn't realize you could cut through the yards like that