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Monday, April 14, 2008

Males Just Don't Get It

This is not a complaint post about my husband, because if any male gets it, he does. It's more a complaint that there is no way to explain how miserable pregnancy is.

Alan and I are both sick. He is clearly more sick. He didn't sleep well, he sniffled and sneezed, and his eyes are watery. He has a massive headache and general body aches. I have the same, but a much milder case.

Nonetheless, I am suffering as much, simply because I am pregnant. Every little cough (my own coughs and his) had me awake. And if you are pregnant and awake, you need to pee. After peeing, your belly is in the way and you cannot sleep, leaving you exhausted the whole next day. My fever last night made me dream of fires, because if you are pregnant, you have frighteningly real dreams. And my asthma...ow! It is so bad right now. That's pregnancy, too. When not pregnant, my asthma is truly only induced by exercise and cats.

People who haven't been pregnant just cannot understand all the problems that come along with pregnancy. And I can tell, that while women who haven't had kids yet are still sympathetic (probably because they are considering how it'll be for them), men look at you like you are lazy. (Specifically, male relatives.) I really think they think I am milking it.

So there I am, trying really hard to get a bit of oxygen, and there they are, being judgmental. Gotta love it, huh?


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Stac Cole said...

Well, I mean, we are certainly supposed to "milk it" during pregnancy, right? I mean, there is nothing more important than the life growing inside of you and any wrong move, especially in somewhat "high risk" pregnancies, can be devastating.

You know what I've learned? Just tell them you have to puke....that usually shuts them up.