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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Homework and Baby Showers

No, these two topics are not related. I just happen to have something to say about each one, and no time for two posts.

I'm preparing for trial tomorrow. It's a bench trial, so I don't need to prepare for voir dire, which is the questioning of a jury. But I still need a short opening, direct examination of potential witnesses, cross examination, and a closing. Preparing for trial is so much like doing homework. You read. You make notes. You brainstorm. And then, you memorize what you can so you are sharp in court. Of course, you get to use notes in court, but I like to look sharp. Too bad none of my suits fit my pregnant belly and all the maternity suits in town are way too big.

On to baby showers. My mother doesn't believe in them. Drives me crazy. I volunteered to host my sister's baby shower. It's her first baby. Since this is my second, I wanted it to be clear to people that this is her shower. I figure the easiest way to do this is to host the shower myself. My mom, however, took the opportunity to lecture me on how baby showers are silly.

In my family, we mostly only do showers for first babies. While I agree that no one should EXPECT a shower, my shower really helped me out. Sure, in my lifetime, I'll spend as much on others' showers as I would have spent just buying the stuff I received as gifts myself. But I didn't have to pay for everything at once, at an already stressful time. That was a huge relief. Why would I not share that with my sister?

Plus, for my shower, my mom invited tons of people I didn't even know. If baby showers are so unimportant, why does the whole town need to be there? :/



Stac Cole said...

Funny. My mom and I got into an argument about this same thing one time. My question to her was, "Why are you so quick to plan and stress over a shower (baby, wedding, etc.) for someone else, but when someone wanted to do it for me you told them it was stupid and unnecessary?" She had no response...and I still ask her to this day about it. :)

Stac Cole said...

By the way, I'll be happy to help out with anything if you're planning one for Jen!

fairyhedgehog said...

I think they're a nice idea. I've been to one or two and it's a pleasure buying baby things for people!

We didn't have them in the UK when I had my kids, but I did get helped out with a lot of loans of stuff and that was pretty good too.

Frog said...

I think they are great! I don't believe in having them for second, third, etc unless there is a BIG gap between the two, but definitely for the first child.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious of everyone that gets a baby shower. Growing up, my mom threw baby showers for everyone and their dog, all her friends' kids, etc. No one threw one for me. I think you're a great sister, throwing one for your sister. Everyone can use some help with their first kid, because let's face it, kids (and their peripherals) are expensive!