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Monday, April 7, 2008


I still want pickle. Just FYI. Lots of pickle. Darn hormones. With Ander, I craved carrots. Apparently, I only crave things without calories.

Oh, and Paca, thanks for the tone deafness infomation. I always insist I'm not tone deaf and that I sing really well, but no one else seems to agree. :/ Perhaps, one day, I'll do a You Tube karaoke so all can judge! (Or press mute or mock. Whatever.)

My sister called. She's already reserved her names of choice. This time, she called to reserve her godparents of choice. Calling dibs when I'm due first? So unjust. Luckily, I wanted neither her names nor her godparents, so it worked out smoothly. :)

I like watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. Alan and I are sooooo much like that.

Oh, and we finally cleaned off the kitchen table. It still had all Ander's gifts from his birthday (yep, over a month ago) and Easter! Boy, do we ever have a lot of Easter candy!

Off to have another pickle.



Giftie Etcetera said...

See how random people I don't know stumble on to my site when I mention the word pickle?

Mamaebeth said...

i got that comment to my post from monday... but i deleted mine.

pacatrue said...

N had the amusing opposite reaction to pickles when she was expecting. All the years I've known her, you could almost call her a pickle-holic. Then when she was expecting, she didn't want to touch one. She did eat massive amounts of fruit, though.