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Friday, January 18, 2008

Weird Day

One of my "virtual" friends has a little boy Ander's age who had a stroke last night. He is in the PICU and not showing any signs of movement in one eye, and only a little in the other. As of now, they are suspecting major brain damage. That makes you want to just stay home and play with your kid 24/7.

Also, I went to court until lunch time today. As I was riding back to the office, listening to NPR, they advertised Talk of the Nation: Science Friday. I like Science Friday, so I listened to see what would be on today. Um, let's ex-boyfriend (who happens to be a giftie) because his new film about Biodiesel is in the Sundance Film Festival this year. Weird. Cool, though. But still - what are the chances I would hear the name of someone I know on NPR? (I guess pretty good, if they went to LSMSA, actually. ;))


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Brien Louque said...

Something similar to that happened to me about a month ago - I'm at work, listening to Science Friday streaming over the interweb, and I hear what can only be my friend Mel. It turns out she has an identical vocal clone, done even to laugh, sentence structure and exclamations. Even after going on the site and confirming it wasn't her, I'm still not 100% convinced.