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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Hate Upsizing

Everytime I buy coffee, I order a tall. And then the barista asks, "would you like a grande instead?"

Um, no. You see, I am not stupid. I can read. The sign gives me options, and I considered it, and decided I wanted a tall. If I wanted a grande, I would have asked for a grande. Plus a grande gets cold before I'm done drinking, and cold coffee is gross. Honestly, I want a coffee cup size serving with hot refills, but since that is not an option...

What I've actually decided to say is, "no, I would like a tall. And please let the manager know that I would appreciate it if this store considers not asking customers to upsize their drinks."

I say that all the time now, and usually I get knowing grins from the barista, and a comment that they have to ask. I always respond, "I know, it's not your fault. Just tell the manager that some pain in the butt customer complains everytime you ask the question." And I smile. And since they don't really want to ask in the first place, and since I make it clear that I am not complaining about them, it's no big deal. Sometimes, they even think it's funny.

But tonight, the Barnes and Noble employee responded with, "I am the manager, and it's my job to ask."

I responded with, "then please tell corporate."

And she responded with, "would you like to change that hot chocolate to a Godiva hot chocolate?"

For 10 cents more, I might add. Wow. How about a "I'll share your concerns with corporate?" Sigh.

The poor guy checking me out after the manager took my order said, oh so tentatively, "would you...like...to save...um...um...10% by...um...using...(glances at boss fearfully)...your Barnes and Noble card...I'msosorryIhavetosaythis (looks fearfully as boss again)." I said, "I know, and no I wouldn't." And smiled reassuredly, because I don't ever think the person does wrong by saying it; I think the company does wrong by asking them to. And what a horrible boss, that the employee looked at her and at me, and decided to do the very thing I had just complained about, because he was more scared of her than me, the customer who dared complain.

I will continue to dare complain, though, because dammit, if I want a grande/pastry with that/credit card, I'm a big girl and can let them know. The question, "can I get you anything else?" doesn't bother me, but beyond that, I am there to enjoy my coffee, not a sales pitch, and I'm tired of letting companies sales pitch to me because I am too polite to call them on it. So I'll be calling them on it. Politely, of course. (Unless they are impolite in response, in which case they get to hear my "I'm not stupid and I can read the sign" speech. Lucky them.

Maybe you'll be the lucky person behind me in line. Because while the manager might not always chuckle, the other customers do without fail. :)


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