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Monday, January 21, 2008


Alan and I just watched Sicko, the film by Michael Moore. Now, I'm not going to argue that the man is not a propogana machine - of course he is. But his propoganda happens to agree with my politics, especially regarding universal medical care. So so be it.

It's ironic that we had to stop the movie for a moment when the hospital called to assure me that, besides a $100 co-pay, my procedure would be covered 100%. Well, sort of. You see, Humana does not cover full anesthesia for my procedure, so my doctor (not an anesthesiologist) will have to adminster a twilight sleep instead. And if she finds a problem? Then I guess they go ahead and call anesthesia, and make the whole thing more expensive and more risky. Brilliant, Humana. Bloody brilliant.

I need to start living my politics more. I need to write to my representatives. I need to let them know that the word *socialist*, at least in regards to healthcare coverage, is not scary to me, but comforting.



Janelle smells said...

I know this is SOOOO mature.. but insurance companies are ASSHATS.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather deal with an insurance company, than wait for some underpaid doctor to fit me in to their schedule after the Federal Government decided that I was worthy of the procedure. I have read that the waiting list to see a specialist in Great Britian can be over 1 year. If universal health care means following the example set forth in Europe, then count me out!!! There is a reason that people come to the US to see a specialist, and universal health care is not it.

Unknown said...

I'm disturbed by that movie.