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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On Of Those Mornings

...when everything goes right. I am so going to win the Powerball tonight. I can just feel it.

Ander was so well behaved. He sat on the couch and watched tv while I showered and, gasp, put on make-up. He got dressed without any fight. He was just really, really good. Also, I got plenty of sleep last night (about time that happens) and I have a new outfit to wear today. (All my clothes are too big and falling off, so I was forced to shop. I bought 2 outfits so far. Three more and I'll actually have something to wear to work everyday.)

My coffee (from McDonald's) was hot and tasty.

And I've caught up on meeting my billable goal, after a couple of days that left me slightly off track, so if I just stay on track today, I'll meet my goal for this week, and maybe even get ahead.

Well, back to work.


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