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Monday, January 28, 2008

After Threatening To Sue (Warning: TMI Post)

It's amazing how, after you get fed up with your doctor and tell the nurse that if the doctor doesn't call you back with a diagnosis tonight (as opposed to, say, a couple of weeks from now), you'll be calling back not as a patient, but as an attorney, the doctor finds time to call you at 6 p.m. :)

So, anyway, I HAVE A DIAGNOSIS. 4 months of diarrhea, every day, 5-15 times a day, without fail, and I have a diagnosis! I have lymphocytic colitis. Oh, and apparently a pretty serious case of acid reflux. I guess that makes the nausea make sense, but I haven't had heart burn, so I didn't expect that.

I see my internal medicine doctor for a treatment plan in two days, but in the meantime, I can take Imodium long-term, instead of the two days written on the package. Yippee! (Okay, weird thing to get excited about. But huge for me.)



Frog said...

Why isn't this doctor treating it?? Any ideas what they suggest now?

Miss-buggy said...

YAY you!! Go girl!!

Rachel said...

I am always impressed by how many of life's little problems go away for you, now that you can threaten to sue people ;-)

And I hope the doctor can fix...whatever it is you've got. Not really tracking the diagnosis here, but IANAD, so whatever.