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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thinking About Tomorrow

How much do you dwell on tomorrow? Do you worry about what you need to do for work? Do you pick out your clothes the night before? Pack a bag? Set an alarm? Obsess? Dread? Anticipate?

Since I've been daily planning the day before, I've been extra aware of how I am spending my time - and my life.

I'm not spending enough time having fun.

Oh, I have some weekends with the girls or date nights, sure. (To be fair, date nights have been a little sparse lately.)

But day-to-day, I'm not hanging out with friends, walking in the park with my husband, playing games with my kids, or even reading a great novel. I haven't been writing my novel (a life goal) or riding a bike. Bowling? Disc golf? Skating? Nope.

All this time planning is about achieving my goals (like a paycheck), but it's about more than that.

It's about saving time so that I can be happy. And I haven't worked enough on happy lately. So, tomorrow, I haven't planned anything after work. Instead, I will use that time to have fun.



Sandy said...

Giftie, you raised a very valid point. FUN. Where is it? Your post made me stop and look to my left, where my trusty A5 Malden always sits open. Yes I saw stickers and lovely washi but when I looked closer - nothing but tasks and chores where listed. The closest thing to fun is my gym time. I can't imagine blocking out time in my planner for scrapbooking or gaming. I might try it, see how it goes. said...

I'm like that, too - all work and not enough play. But now that I have grandkids, they make me play! It's actually kind of nice.