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Monday, September 22, 2014

Planner Hack: The Reverse Highlight

I have two pen holders in my planner. One holds a pen and the other holds a highlighter. (Yes, I use Frixion highlighters as well as ink pens.)

Mostly, I just write in one color - usually a blue, purple, or green. This week, I've been experimenting with using a highlighter on my task list. But I'm cranky and sickly (seriously, I need some soup), so I decided to be ornery about it and reverse highlight.

A reverse highlight is when I highlight things that are complete instead of highlighting in the usual way of marking things that are important to complete.

Here's how it works...

I make a task list for the day.

As I complete tasks or reschedule them (with an arrow pointing right meaning rescheduled to tomorrow and an arrow pointing down meaning moved to another day in the future), I highlight the complete and rescheduled tasks.

The important benefit of reverse highlighting is that the stuff that still needs to be done jumps out at you.


I got this idea when I was teaching. I would print out a class roll and highlight names as kids turned in a big project or turned in a permission slip. It was a quick and easy way to tell who was missing their assignments.

As a lawyer, I highlight each citation as I Shepardize it. (That meant something to my lawyer friends.)

Happy planning.



Unknown said...

Highlighting tasks has been my typical way of doing things for a long time. It just makes it easier for me to see what's left to be done. Recently I tried the bullet journaling symbols. That worked well, except if I had a large number of tasks on my list, it was hard for me to see at a glance what was complete and what was left to do. So I have gone back to highlighting the tasks that are complete.

Christine Cortese said...

I just started highlighting completed tasks this year and am amazed at how helpful it is.

Michele said...

I use a two color highlighter (one at each end) with a dark end and a light end. Dark is for "done" and light is for "look". If I use the light end, it means alarms and sirens going off.

Anna said...

I've used highlighting on my to do list before. Now I mostly just mark things off if they are done, draw an arrow through if I reschedule, and the words I can still read are what still needs to be done. It isn't as quickly obvious, so maybe I need to go back to highlighting. :) said...

I've always done it that way. I'm very visual so it helps me so highlight what I've done instead of things that are important. The highlighted stuff disappears and the un-highlighted stuff really stands out. Checkmarks just don't cut it but highlighting my completed task is SO satisfying.

If I need to draw attention to something, I circle it and put an asterisk next to it or something that makes it stand out. But never highlighting. That's for completed tasks only.

I'd never thought of it as reverse highlighting. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Good Idea. I will try this for lists.