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Monday, September 8, 2014

Places Where I Don't Carry My Planner

I try to always buy purses that fit my Franklin Covey compact planner (similar to a Filofax personal size).

But there are some places where I don't take my planner.


'Cause yuck!


But I do leave it nearby, in case a staple ingredient is running low and needs to go on a shopping list. It stays away from cooking surfaces to protect it.


I leave my planner in the car while I workout.

TIP: Put it on the driver side seat of your car. That way, when leaving the gym, you are reminded to write down your workout AND schedule your next one.

*Formal Events

TIP: Put one piece of paper and a small pen in your handbag in case you meet someone and need to note a phone number.


I do bring books and my Nook in there, though!

Yes, I bring my planner to church (sometimes, they make announcements and I note them in my planner), to campgrounds (great for killing time when you get up before everyone else and for packing lists and menus), and on dates (my husband ALWAYS wants to talk about kids' Christmas gifts on of ROMANCE :/ ).



Anna said...

I always look for purses or bags that can fit my planner, too. Those cute little ones just aren't practical!

Lee said...

I ruined my Nook in the bath. Be careful.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Lee, I now that's the risk. I decided having a book in the tub was worth the risk, but people SHOULD heed your advice on this, not mine. :)

Danny said...

You can add a few accessories to make your bath time more relaxing one. ring book and keep it in a safe place would be a tough job. But you can add bath board, and different racks to save it from getting wet.