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Friday, September 26, 2014

Simple Planning

People new to planning would probably get overwhelmed by my blog. It's full of fun hints, details, and new ideas, but it's lacking something. 


Honestly, my system is ever-changing, developed over a lifetime, and flexible. But it's not what it was when I had my first planner.

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It's no longer simple. 

So if you are just starting with a planner (any planner, even just a simple notebook) or are just overwhelmed with all the details, remember this simple rule...

Write it down in your planner.

That's it. Have an appointment? Write it down. Want to remember something funny your kid said? Write it down.

But always write it in your planner. That way, you don't lose the thought. You know where to find it. Also, it forces you to open your planner and look in it (and remember about the dentist appointment on Monday afternoon).

If things aren't working for you, or if you are new to planning, or if you just need a clean restart, just write it down in your planner, and you'll be okay.



Faith said...

Excellent advise, now to go find my planner, and write it down!

insilico said...

And that is the first rule of planning :) write it down

We do tend to over complicate our systems :) I find myself forcing a simple system on me. It's so weird when creating a super detailed one comes naturally with time but simplifying it is super hard :) said...

You nailed it. A planner doesn't have to be a big deal. I just set one up for my husband and it's simply a monthly calendar and blank paper. But now he knows where he wrote those measurements or that phone number.