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Friday, January 10, 2014


My son's kindergarten teacher is a free spirit. Nothing the kids do ever seems to bother her. My kid can kick, scream, and earn his nickname (Loki, ironically), and she just deals with it. She is unflappable.

I'd bet my last penny that she doesn't use a planner.

I am sometimes jealous of people like her - people who can just live and enjoy the world, without freaking out. But I have to be honest with myself. And the truth is that I can't just live. I have to write it down.

So I'm starting a little experiment.

Today, tomorrow, and for a whole week, I'll do something each day that is unplanned. Something spontaneous. Something fun.

(Yes, I'm planning this. Shush.)

I'll live the freedom for just a moment each day and see how it goes.

Today, it was an unplanned nap. Yawn.


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Unknown said...

My Hubby is like that. Happy flying by the seat of his jeans. Me? Not so much. But, Thursday night a friend I hadn't seen in a while texted about writer's group and we made plans to get together the next day. although I had loads scheduled to do on my planner, I dropped it all to spend the better part of the day having wonderful conversation and sharing king cake. It felt good and then reality set in when I unlocked the door! But it was still fun. Great post. Donna