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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Mouse-Proof Pantry

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What is worthy of a second blog post in one day?

A House of Mouse update, of course!

It's Day 40.

There have been four separate sightings.

We still are finding half-eaten food and mouse droppings on a daily basis. Do you know HOW MANY TIMES an OCD person has to wash her pots before each use when there is a mouse in the house? Three, that's how many. And don't you dare as much as mumble seven, because...crap, now the answer is seven!

Twelve sticky traps, some baited with candy, and six spring traps, baited with cheese, pecans, peanut butter, chocolate, or some combination thereof, respectively, are ready for action.

And now, all food not in glass or metal is protected in the pantry by thick plastic.

My favorite part? The sticky trap all the way across the entrance.

My husband is my hero. He donned gloves and cleaned out the pantry while I loaded the staples into the plastic boxes. We all wore shoes at his suggestion, in case the little fellow scampered out across the floor. Good thing, too, since I tripped over the paper towels and shattered a can of enchilada sauce on my foot. I survived (without dignity, mind you, but with all my toes).

Wish us luck. Dance naked under a full moon. Light a candle. Say a rosary. Whatever it is you do to pray for others, now is the time. Actually, pray for the mouse, that he may escape unharmed. I don't really want him dead if I can help it, just GONE. FOREVER.

(ADDENDUM: Eventually, a combination of plain ole mouse traps  and plastic storage bins for all food stopped The Mouse.)


Edited to add hubby's Facebook status:
The Great Mouse Hunt Update: Day 40. No sign of a live mouse today. Finally cleaned EVERYTHING out of the pantry and anything that can be chewed through/into is now in hard plastic containers. Hopefully cutting off his easy food sources will lead him in a desperate search right into my diabolical, but so far ineffective traps. On the trap front, caught an unopened roll of paper towels and a jar of pasta sauce in the glue trap. Came *THIS CLOSE* to catching the wife in a spring trap. More to follow.


paperscribe said...

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Morag said...

Wow, that's one tough mouse you've got there - or an exceptionally gifted one!

yezenia said...

Danger Mouse! Leave now and no one gets hurt!
Because Mouse is gifted, surely he reads the blog.

Anonymous said...

In case you need to know in the future, peanut butter on traps works great. And keep everything in some kind of plastic. Not only does it cut his food supply, but bleaching his little germy prints and leavings off is so much easier. Having been on a farm for several years, nothing was faster than peanut butter. They will eat Hall's cough suppressants too. (Never dreamed they'd want those, but he was quite happy with them.)