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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Sunday Planner Reset

Sundays have always been a bit melancholy for me. The last time that I truly enjoyed a Sunday was back when I was in high school. Actually, I was on a bus, traveling through Bunkie, Louisiana, on my way back to my boarding school with my fellow Gifties. In those days, Sundays meant coming home for me.

These days, Sundays mean an abrupt end to hanging out full-time with my kids and my husband. I love my family and want to spend more time with them. This weekend, in particular, I'm still struggling with my health and my husband's busy season at work is looming, and I'm feeling unbalanced. A little sad. I call it the Sunday blues, and the only good thing that I can think to say about it is that the sad is less intense than when I worked full time outside of the house. Cheers for improvement, right?

There is something that helps, though. (I mean something that helps in addition to Downton Abbey, of course.)

My Sunday planner reset helps me face Monday in a way that nothing else does.

By Sunday, I'm usually a bit behind on planner upkeep. As you can see here, I haven't done half the stuff scheduled for the past weekend.

Today, like most Sunday evenings, I am doing my reset of my planner for next week.

I reschedule anything undone, using tick marks to show how many times I've recopied.

I move my yellow task list (with additional tick marks next to each incomplete task) to next week.

I also move page markers to next week.

For anything left that must be done tonight, I jot it on a sticky note and move it to Monday, since going back and forth without moving on to next week would drive me crazy.

Once everything is crossed out, I go ahead and focus on Monday and beyond.

I might still miss my boys tomorrow morning, but at least I know my plans and what must get accomplished.

My Sunday planner reset clears my mind and helps me deal with the Sunday blues.

I can't wait until Friday.


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yezenia said...

I used to get Sunday blues when I was in school. Now because I'm a shift worker and my schedule is never the same week to week,I don't get the same feeling. Also Sundays are usually days I have my niece and nephews over, so by the time they leave I have a sense of peace having seen them.