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Monday, January 6, 2014

Planner Productivity: At The Coffee Shop

Maybe it's because I live near LSU in a college town. Or, maybe, it's because I need to get out of my house due to being allergic to Mouse, who was running wild and free in my bedroom and bathroom this morning.

(My husband said, "oh, he's cute." Husband, he tried to KILL me yesterday. Remember the ER visit?)

Maybe your excuse is to focus on your schoolwork or writing, get some quiet time away from the family, or just to enjoy the nice weather. (You know, next week, when the Arctic freeze blows over.)

But, about twice a month, I venture out to a coffee shop with my planner and my laptop in tow. Somehow, I get so much more done on those days, while enjoying the atmosphere, elevator music, and the King Cake. (I am a lying liar. I came here for the King Cake, but they won't get a delivery until noon. Boo!)

There are so many things that I can get done with my planner, my cell phone, and a tablet, net book, or laptop.

I can process receipts.

I can process my in-box.

I can clear out my dashboard.

I can work on any of my many projects, especially the writing-related or planning-related ones.

I can draft my grocery list.

I can recopy things that I won't be getting to today.

I can do any phone, anywhere, or computer tasks on today's weekly spread.

I can read blogs.

I can catch up on Facebook.

(See how I put those two things last?)

Try taking your planner to the coffee shop (or even the local library). I bet you end up amazed at how much you get accomplished.


Reminder: You have until midnight, Central Time on January 7th to enter my RAK contest here.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what? I REALLY need to do this!! And I like the idea of setting like two days a month for it. Sometimes I just need to sit at the coffee shop for a cup but if no friends are with me I dont do it/never did it. My baby would be with me and my planner too!! Excellent company me think. Thank you so much once again.

Unknown said...

So true! My little city is finally getting a *proper* Starbucks just down the street from me. I can hardly wait. (Until now there have been several short-lived indie coffee shops, but just when you get comfortably settled into a routine, they go out of business. Boo.)

Anonymous said...

Our library has a coffee shop in it, a two-fern.