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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheaper By The Dozen

I unload the dishwasher bottom shelf first, then top shelf. First, I unload and put away anything that belongs in the area over the stove, like plates and bowls. Then, I unload the big stuff, like pots and pans, and put them in the cabinets under the island. Next I do silverware. Then knifes that go on the counter in the knife block. Finally, I move from the left to the right through things that belong in the left, middle, and right cabinet.

Why does that matter?

I would argue it matters because my system is quick and efficient. I deal with the huge assignment (shut up - you know you don't want to unload the dishwasher either because it is overwhelming...and, well, if it's not, come unload mine) in manageable chuncks. I don't have to think about it.

Other, more cynical sorts, would argue that my OCD makes me obsess in the middle of the night about how to improve my system and blogging about it is the only way to get the thoughts out of my brain (and into your reading diet...HA HA).

I never liked the cynical sort. They are right way too often.

By the way, I handle almost everything I tackle (writing a pleading, preparing for trial, cleaning off the island, packing for vacation) the same way - break it into small, spacially-related steps and do it a chunck at a time.

Two points to whoever understands the reference in the title.



learn-2-walk said...

are you referring the the scene where a certain something that does not belong in the dishwasher is found in the dishwasher?

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