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Monday, June 1, 2009

13 Years

My husband and I have been married for 13 years, as of yesterday. You'd think 13 years would be long enough to get into a household maintenance groove. You'd be wrong?

I have no idea which of us, for example, is in charge of calling the termite guy. But for three years, we've put off termite treatment. I'm scared to call now, because what if we have termites? It would be our own fault. In theory, I should call. I am the one who will likely stay home to meet the termite guy, so my schedule matters. But Alan pays the bills and would probably want to negotiate the costs and decide when to pay the bill.

When we work together to dress the kids, it's a disaster. I get clothes out and get Loki dressed. Three minutes later, Loki is wearing something else? Why? Oh, right, hubby didn't know I had already changed Loki.

Prepping the night before works miracles for me in the mornings. When Alan takes the kids to their baths, I put everything together for the next day. But with two kids, Alan needs help. It sucks because I pay in the mornign, but two slippery kids really do require two adults at some point.

Ugh. Think after 26 years it will all be easier?



Rachel said...

Yes. Because after 26 years the children will have ceased to be children. Evedrything is easier without children, remember?

...But I bet you'll still be arguing about who's supposed to call the termite guy.

pacatrue said...

Congrats on one half of 26 years!

Stac Cole said...

Nope. Probably not. Just a whole DIFFERENT set of problems :)

Oh, and CALL THE TERMITE GUY! Don't do like my parents and end up with thousands of dollars worth of termite damage because they thought whatever they were home remedying with from Uncle Droopy worked!