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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working Out

I keep gaining weight. I'm nursing less (a LOT pretty much totally weaned for daytime feeds...HaPPy DaNCe!!!) and have been really busy with Alan working overtime. I'm been working out some, riding my bike on weekend mornings and walking with the boys, but the weather has had nothing but record heat for a week or two, so I've been dormant.

I really need to buy some workout tapes. I can do those with the boys around and even if it's hot. I hesitate to buy them, because they are repetitive, can get expensive, and aren't as fun as being outdoors to work out. But I guess I need to face the very real obstacle in my path. It's too hot to work out outside and the boys are too much trouble to take all the way to a gym.

I'm trying to make better food choices, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Without working out, my body just doesn't lose weight. I know this. I don't even mind the workout, per se, as it makes me feel better. (I mind the extra dirty laundry and the time required to shower twice in a day and the heat, but not the workout itself.) I just don't have time to do everything.

But working out is something I need to do. My kids needs to see me doing it.


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learn-2-walk said...

A few thoughts....
1) Instead of buying, try renting videos from nextflix or blockbuster. You can get a blockbuster subscription for as low as $4.99 a month that allows you 2 videos a month, 1 out at a time.
2) Instead of buying, check out videos from the library, although for me I always forget to renew them or return them in the week that they are allowed to be checked out and there is a $1 late fine per day. Blockbuster is a much better option for me for that reason.
3) I think a lot of nursing mama's gain weight as they wean - seems to have something to do with your body trying to get used to how many calories your body is burning for nursing and your body telling you how much you need to eat. I've heard of a number of mama's who have done this. For me, even though we had weaned A LOT, it took a while for me to stop feeling so hungry all the time, so I ate and I gained weight. I tried to eat less and balance my proportions etc, but I was HUNGRY! You know that nursing mama hunger, you can't deny it! LOL But after several months it balanced out, I was able to wean more, eat less and start losing some of the weight I had gained.
4) Don't be too hard on yourself mama! :-)