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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Do You People Read This Crap?

I mean, seriously, I don't write anything interesting. Take today's topic - packing for a trip to MIL's house. Scintillating stuff, really. No mention of Michael Jackson (okay, this one) or Farrah (except here). Yet you still read. Imagine...


I've got my master packing list. It needs to be tweaked to involve a trip to the campground and potential water play outdoors, but it's basically all good. Nonetheless, it's hard to decide HOW to divide up the stuff. Do I pack the diaper bag for the trip up and down? Or do I pack the diaper bag for the trip up, and supplement on the way down with stuff that I pack separately? For example, we probably need three diapers for the drive up. Do I just put the rest of the diapers for the weekend in a separate tote bag? There's no right answer. The bottom line is a baby and a potty-trainer require too much stuff. :(

Alan and I have to pack separate suitcases, too, because I don't share space. Weird and anal, sure, but true. Plus, the boys have just enough stuff that they may need two small suitcases.

Do I bring a small stroller? The big one? The double? Can I even fit one?

Is it rude to bring snacks for myself? MIL has tons of food, but it's slightly off of my tastes. That's fine for one day, but not for several. For example, she might have bread, but it's white (gross) and not wheat. Or she will have oatmeal, but instead of plain, or cinnamon, or maple, or any of the thousand varieties I am fine with eating, she will randomly have peach. Peach! Yucky. Do I have room to pack food?

Not only are you reading my stream-of-consciousness, but I am not offering solutions - only questions. Hmmm.

Maybe I should have napped when the boys did.



Frog said...

I do agree that you are anal. Much more so than me. I'd pack the diaper bag with the stuff for the ride up. Then before leaving to come home, freshen it up. I rarely bring food on trips for myself unless it's a "hurrication". Then I bring lots. Burnell and I rarely pack our stuff together. Right now I only have one child so I don't have the other problem yet.

I'm just amazed that I must have picked the wrong profession because I've always thought accountants were anal and I'm definitely not.

Robyn said...

Some of us follw your blog because we need more than Facebook to fill our day. :)

As for dividing up the packing, pack it how you use it. Will you be toting the diaper bag all over creation on your trip? Then only pack what you are willing to carry on your shoulder. Make a back-up tote with refill supplies to keep in the car. If you are only packing the diaper bag to stay in the car, put all the supplies in one bag.

As for stroller, bring the double if you think there is going to be a lot of walking. Unless there is someone who is willing to carry one of the kids if they get tired. If that doesn't fit in the car, bring the easiest one to operate.

Food: Pack what you want to eat. If your MIL gets offended that you don't like her peach oatmeal, she has bigger fish to fry.

PS-if it's not on the list yet, pack sunscreen. Even though I used a ton of it this past weekend, I still have a sunburn. And it HURTS!