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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Baby

I mean my two-year-old baby, of course. He went to work with daddy today at the state capitol. How cool is that? He wore his little button up shirt. He helped me count the buttons. We packed him a little sippy of water (because, yep, water in the capitol is currently suffering from a sewage backup). He's only spending a couple of hours today. Then he and his daddy are joining me at the doctor's office, for lunch, and to take Ander to the doctor for a chronic cough. He went with daddy so I wouldn't have to do all this running the roads AND take care of a child, which is a sure recipe for contractions.

Too bad we haven't bought him a tie yet.


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Mamaebeth said...

Got a text message from Kristy and put it on my blog. If i hear more i'll post there again as well.