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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isn't That How Every Kid Is

My cousin, a high school senior, is staying with me for a couple of day to help out. Her school is closed because of the hurricane. She babysits all the time, so she has been an incredible help with Ander.

She also noticed that Ander listens. He cleans his own toys up before he goes get another toy. He says please and thank you, with little or no prompting. He knows that he needs "knees or bootie" instead of feet on furniture. He goes get his diaper and then discards it in the diaper pail when he is done. He empties the food out of his plate after eating and then places the empty plate in the sink. Once yesterday, I had to threaten time out. Otherwise, Ander just did what I said.

My cousin seemed surprised. She reports that other kids don't do this.

What?!? It must be horrible for those parents. And what about the kids? Ander is never overwhelmed by a messy room; his toys are put away. He knows what he can do, so he's not stressed by constantly being fussed at for not listening. (Honestly, I rarely have to fuss or raise my voice.) He knows when food is coming, when nap is coming, and when bedtime is coming. His life is comfortable and predictable.

I'm very pleased so far with how he is turning out. People keep telling me that not every kid is like this. I like to credit my parenting skills and constant attention to teaching self-sufficiency, but what if I am wrong? What if Baby Box the Sequel is less cooperative?

That would be so unfair.


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Frog said...

I only hope I can teach Tad to be like this... I was impressed at church Sunday when I said let's pick up the books and he helped put them up. Hopefully, I'm making progress.