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Monday, September 22, 2008

Loki Health Update

Heart: He had an episode of apnea (stopped breathing with a dropped heartrate for a few seconds). He needs to go five days without a single other episode before he can be released.

Lungs: His x-ray does not show pneumonia, but his lungs still have fluid and he is breathing rapidly. He cannot take a bottle until his breathing slows under 70 breathes per minute (with 40 preferred). He must take three bottles in a row before he can breastfeed. He must keep down all feedings for 24 hours before he can go home.

Stomach: His stomach xray shows a lack of gas in the bowel. However, he is pooping and gassy, so the lack of gas does not seem to be causing symptoms. Therefore, they will do feedings (either by bottle or gavage tube, depending on his breathing) starting today and see.

Infection: He will get the full course of antibiotics, since he is now going to be in the hospital that whole time anyway. So far, the tests are negative, but the test for group b strep came back positive initially, and that culture is not back yet.

The only real bit of good news is that my milk is finally in.

Ander refused to wake up this morning because he wanted his mommy.


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Frog said...

Ahh, I feel so sorry for Ander too! This is a LOT for a little one all at one time. Hugs to all of you!!