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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Baby's Room

Things aren't unpack into it, but the walls are painted (thank you Jake and Doris), the crib is up, the changing table is in place, and the room is ready!!! I am very excited. Today is my sister's baby shower, so I will be very active, riding down and eating and greeting people. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and I'll not have the baby until after my appointment Wednesday. I had a contraction scare yesterday morning, but they subsided after lunch. The problem if I contract now is not the baby's well-being, but that the doctor won't help me along or stop them until Friday, and that means that I could suffer for hours again and not have the baby.



Rachel said...

Always good to have a place for the baby to sleep.

Frog said...

Yeah! That's exciting.