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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In The Hospital

My doctor sent us over after the morning checkup. My dialation went from barely a one to almost a two. My cervix is fifty percent effaced. This morning, the baby was engaged a bit, but now he is blottable (floating) again. I have contracted, hard, about every four minutes since 8 a.m. ish. It is now 9 p.m. ish.

However, I am not progressing. They will watch until tomorrow morning (24 hours) and then either send me home, stop the contractions and send me home, keep me in (if I dialate overnight), or keep me in a mother/baby room (if the contractions won't stop but I don't dialate, since 35w6d is not far enough along to induce, though I am getting much more favorable for an induction).

This blows. Supper was broth, jello, popsicle, and juice. Oh, and gummy bears, but I hate gummy bears. At least Woman's Hospital lets you eat in labor and delivery now (unless you are a high c-section risk). But no solids.

I am one unhappy, no-baby-yet, hungry lady.



Anonymous said...

Why no solids?

I swear, some of the things they make pregnant women do/not do are more for the doctor's comfort than the patient's.

Praying little one stays put a while longer and that you get a break!

Frog said...

I hope you got some rest and that you go home today!

Mamaebeth said...

glad you could post more details.

Precie said...

OMG! ***healthy vibes*** going out to you and baby!

Giftie Etcetera said...

If I got down the 4 or fewer contractions an hour, I'd be moved off labor and delivery and allowed solids. The rule on labor and delivery is that, if you are in active labor (and I was, it just didn't get me anywhere), you get only a liquid diet (jello, broth), plus an IV in my case, since they wanted the contractions to stop, in case you have a c-section. If you are at high risk for a c-section (ie. VBAC) or scheduled for one, you only get ice chips.

I definitely think it's an improvement over the rule when I had Ander, which was ice chips only. This time, I could have cranberry juice (which I actually love) and all the water I wanted. However, once they checked me and knew I wasn't dialating, I really thought some food was in order.