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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Free Planner Printable - Graph and Lined Paper

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Once again, I'm teaming up with Becky at Planner Fun to share many ways to use her free printables in a planner.

Keep reading to find out how to get a free printable!

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The many ways to use Planner Fun printables are practically unlimited, but I've created some examples of ways to use the printables that you might not have considered. Of course, these ideas can translate to any planner page if you are creative.


No matter what planner calendar pages you use, you cannot carry an infinite number of refills. Future planning pages allow you to carry only a few weeks or months of pages at a time.

In the set-up below, I created a 12-month calendar and used a system of marking days that are important, with notes about the days to the right. 


You can track workout days on the same yearly graph set-up. Dots indicate notes.

I also added a pounds tracker.

future planning, weight loss


One of the keys to the Giftie Etcetera planning system is the projects index system.

Becky's Planner Fun printable makes an amazing projects index.


For those who use their planners for bible study or prayer lists, the combination of graph paper and lined paper is perfect.

(All sins depicted are my own.)

graph paper, lined planner page


Graph paper is perfect for a daily docket. Using the graph lines to organize time slots to your liking makes them neat and useful.


If you homeschool, these printables make a perfect (and free) way to track lesson plans on a daily basis and make simple notes for your records.

free, homeschool, lesson plan

Now, pop on over to Planner Fun to get your free printable.

All graphics were created on my Surface Pro 3.


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