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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Parts of a Simplified Daily Plan

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In the world of productivity, whether in the home or in the office, there is a term called magic minimums.

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Magic minimums are the things that must happen for life to move along efficiently.

Household Magic Minimums

For example, I do the laundry, dishes, and a 15- minute quick clean-up session daily so my house doesn't self-destruct. (I is a strong word. Someone in my house does those things. It might be the kids or my husband.) 

Office Magic Minimums

In the office, I do check deadlines, check incoming boxes (like email and in-box) including scheduling tasks, and do one important but not deadline item.

My planner needs magic minimums built into the layout. 

I used my AT-A-GLANCE Planning Note Cards to create the layout in the picture. It contains the magic minimums that make my day work.

1. Weekly Task List

A weekly task list (to the left, gray) helps me do those things that MUST be done this week.

2. Menu Plan

A menu plan takes the guesswork (and stress) of meal planning out of my day. It also reminds me to defrost the meat in the morning or buy more milk at the grocery store.

3. Schedule

Keep schedules simple! Just fill in the time-specific stuff.

But here's the trick: list time specific tasks or notes about the schedule to the right. See how I listed laundry at the beginning of the day, so I can get it all done before we leave for errands?

Those are my magic minimums. I might add a day-specific task list and I have a daily checklist, but as long as I have tasks, appointments, and a menu plan in my planner, I survive the day without going backwards and missing important tasks.

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