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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Getting Kids to Do Their Chores

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My kids are not always perfectly cooperative, but they actually do a great job with chores.

Click below to learn my secrets to get them to do the chores every day!

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My kids (ages 7 and 9) do chores almost every day with little guidance from me. 

Admittedly, a lot of our success with household chores is attributable to the fact that I've been teaching the kids to do chores since they were little toddlers.

But there are many other reasons that chores usually go smoothly in our house.

Use a Written Chore Chart

We use this chore checklist for the kids to track their own chores. Chores are written with wet erase markers and the kids use dry erase markers to check chores off as they are done.

The kids use this to self-direct the chore process. When they are done, they bring me the chart. If they did well, I erase the check marks (getting the chart ready for tomorrow) and reward them.

Give Rewards

Rewards come in the form of electronics time. For doing their 15 minutes or so of daily chores, they can an hour of e-time.

If they complain about doing the chores or take too long on purpose, they still must do them before playing, but don't earn e-time.

Limit the Chores

My kids can always ask for extra chores to earn extra e-time. However, daily chores are limited to about 15 or 20 minutes a day. That way, it is not overwhelming.

EXCEPTION: On Saturdays, rooms must be clean before they can play!

Do Chores Daily

Chores need to be a routine part of the day for kids. Once they get used to it, they just do the chores!


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Anna said...

My kids have some morning chores that are mostly keeping their own things in good order, with two other small things added. Then in the evening, they rotate through some other chores. Occasionally, they will have some extra things to help with. Most of it, they do without payment or reward. Their weekly allowance is based on "room inspection" once a week.

They do get a daily computer/game time, but I don't tie it specifically to chores. My explanation for chores is that we all work together in our family. They can lose their computer time if their behavior is not what I expect, so it is related. I will offer some extra jobs for money or computer time. They tend to have a good attitude about it overall. :)

Anna said...

I should add that one of my motivations for having them do chores is to try to teach them some of the things that they will need to know in order to live on their own one day- a little at a time.